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The brief

Oral-B approached TD to develop a virtual booth for the ADA FDI 2021 World Dental Conference.  With the conference being online for the first time and with the absence of face-to-face detailing, it was mandatory the booth be highly engaging, easy to navigate (due to emerging new technology and new experience for the user) and showcase the professional products and offerings of Oral-B to the target market of dental professionals.

The strategy

TD initially designed prototypes for consideration, confirming final structure with client.  Upon the booth structure being complete, TD then developed all creative assets to be incorporated into the booth, including:

Video production – all videos were scripted, filmed and edited by TD.

Liaison with key KOL’s to develop assets.

Artwork and links to showcase products, services and clinical information.

Development of personalised avatars, to add a more personable experience with the absence of face-to-face detailing.

Built in analytics to provide ongoing real time reporting.

Testing across multiple platforms to ensure outstanding user experience.

The results

The development of the interactive booth proved highly engaging with the         target market, justifying a successful alternative to traditional face-to-face sales detailing and activity.

Due to the success of this pilot launch, Oral-B have made the decision to continue utilising the booth for ongoing sales and marketing opportunities, changing the booth as required to tailor to the specific conference/activity.

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